Warwick Fan Art Almost Finished

So as you can see I’ve flipped the image, changed the perspective, and pushed the color temperatures a bit more. I’m really liking it now, just have to clean up some areas and head for the finish line.

werewolf 3

Time To Get A Damn Job!

So my daughters keep asking me when I’m going to be a REAL artist. I don’t think they mean to make their dad feel like a loser…..I like to believe it’s because I told them I’d take them to Disney Land when I get a good enough job to do so, lol. Ever since I started digital painting, my dream job has been to work for Blizzard Entertainment or Riot Games. I love their art style so much. Due to the fear of embarrassment I’ve never tried to attempt the style, but I’m to the point to where I really need to aim my portfolio in the right direction to get a job. Not only to make all of the years of practice, sacrifice, and studying pay off, but mainly due to the fact that these girls are tired of waiting and may begin to resort to physical violence. So I might as well aim high right? Here is the first finished piece for my portfolio. I hope everyone likes it, I can’t let these girls down!

blizzardDark Elf LineworkDark Elf Linework

Orc Eating Eyeballs

Finished this up today. I’ve always loved WOW orc illustrations from the awesome artists over at Blizzard. I created this based on their style, mixed in with some Frazetta like always. I wanted to make the sword feel a little out of place, like he obtained it in battle rather than his people forged it, so I added the dragon design and the jewel. Thanks for checking him out. More coming soon!

Orc Eatin Eyeballs