Mother of Dragons

I usually sketch in shades of black and white, but this time I chose to go with a blue tone. I planned to add more color, but I really like how this looks, so I think I’m going to just call this done and move on to the next project. Lately I’ve been making my work look as traditional as possible, I believe it ends up having a better quality than my previous work.


Sneak Peek 5

Still pushing through the details. Most of the work I have left to do is around the border of the image, mainly in the top left corner. It’s better to save the fun details until last but I couldn’t help myself, I went ahead and detailed most of the focal point. Now I’m stuck finishing the boring parts, lol. But I’m happy with how the character is turning out so far. The next post will be the finished image, wish me luck!


Sneak Peek 4

Color! Now it’s getting interesting. I’ve added some base tones and some detail in the focal point. The colors tend to change as I go along, warmer and cooler as needed until I feel that its flowing correctly.  As you can see I’ve changed the dragons face considerably to make him look more friendly.  I still have a ton of work to do, but its beginning to come to life. This is my favorite part of the painting process by far. I will continue to play with the colors and add in all of the details.


Sneak Peek 3

At this point I’m happy with the overall composition and feeling. Pulling the grapes hanging in the top left more into the foreground really topped off the composition and keeps the eye from wandering up there. I’ve began to push the details into the focal point, and use mixer brush to blend in the unwanted details along the border of the painting.  I still have some cleaning up to do and some smaller details to finish up before adding color. I really try to push myself as far as I can before letting myself add color layers, because it will really save me some time in the long run. I hope this is all making a little sense, I’m new to explaining my process, lol. I’ve always really enjoyed when artists let you into their mind a little bit. I really don’t feel like I’m that interesting but, hey, maybe someone will get a little something out of this. Thanks for reading.



Sneak Peek

This is a personal project for my portfolio, I wanted to show some of my process and the steps I take during an illustration. After noticing there was a lack of happiness in my work I decided to hold off on the frowning characters and add in a smile, lol.  At this point I am happy with the sketch. I blocked out some areas with light and dark tones to show depth, and I’ve started to render in some detail on the dragon. I will continue shaping out the forms until I have a solid foundation to start adding color to, as you will see in my next post.