Meditation Concept

I wanted to change gears and go for a softer, more peaceful painting this time. At this point I’m satisfied with the pose and the scenery. I’m still working on the colors and value, after I get them a little closer to what I want I’ll zoom in for the details. My daughter has been begging me to paint a fox so I snuck her in a pet, lol.


Orc Eating Eyeballs

Finished this up today. I’ve always loved WOW orc illustrations from the awesome artists over at Blizzard. I created this based on their style, mixed in with some Frazetta like always. I wanted to make the sword feel a little out of place, like he obtained it in battle rather than his people forged it, so I added the dragon design and the jewel. Thanks for checking him out. More coming soon!

Orc Eatin Eyeballs

Mystery of Farholt Cover

This was my first published book cover. Words cant explain how excited I was to get a copy in the mail. I thought to myself “It’s all downhill from here, Im a published artist, and the jobs will be flooding my way!”. The book is great, well written, and I get to be a part of it.  But to my surprise nothing really changed. There were no calls from Blizzard or Marvel telling me about how much they loved my work and wanted to employ me. My wallet wasn’t any heavier either. This was just another step down the million mile long path to being a succesful artist.

Publisher: Zharmae

Author: Jonathan Johnstone Wilson