Spawn is one of my favorite comic book characters, not only because he’s so bad-ass, but he is fun as hell to draw! I’m about half way done with this, got a solid sketch down and I’ve began adding in some cleaner line work. I like jumping back to the comic style every now and then, figured it was appropriate for this guy.

Spawn Sketch

Michonne TWD

I’ve been changing up my process and style a lot lately, learning so many ways to get cool looking results. I’ve been working on this the last couple days, and I think this is my favorite so far. I think I’m going to finish up some more Walking dead characters using this same approach. Thanks for looking!



Headless Horseman

Well here it is! I ended up flipping the image, I felt that it looked a little better this way. I struggled with the colors a bit but I think I’m finally happy with it. I really learned a lot during this painting. At least it was less of a guessing game this time, as I feel like I’m getting a better grasp on color temperature and value. Thanks for looking, time to start on the next one!

Headless Horseman