Jaidyn and Thunder

Well here it is! It was hard to decide to call it finished, but after staring at it for so long I might just make it worse if I keep messing with it. I made some serious changes to the dragon, he was looking a little goofy. Next time I paint eyes that big, someone speak up! But anyways I hope you all like it, it sure did take forever. Let me know what you think!

Dragon Girl

Fantasy Scroll Cover Art

My ‘Dark Monk’ painting was featured on the cover of this months Fantasy Scroll e-mag. This is the second cover that Iulian Ionescu (Editorand chief of Fantasy Scroll) has been kind enough to let me be a part of. If you have any interest in fantasy and/or science fiction stories take some time and subscribe to this great resource that is sure to fulfill your fantasy needs. I’ve attached a link below, and as always, thanks for looking, and keep inspiring!