Back-up Your Work Jonathan!

Well it’s now been 21 days since I delivered my Companion Tablet back to Wacom for repairs, again. Now it seems that it has been lost in the mail, or stolen, neither of which has been actually confirmed by either side. It really wouldn’t be that big of a deal, due to the fact that I have another Cintiq to paint on. Besides the point that I had 80+ hours in two paintings that are saved on that tablet, that both had deadlines that are now missed. I’ve heard many artists talk about this nightmare, but have been fortunate enough not to go through it myself. Until now. All of this could have been prevented if I would have been smart enough to save them to my desktop or flash drive. I love new learning experiences, but this one has proved to be a bit frustrating. Off to the store for flash drives….

One thought on “Back-up Your Work Jonathan!

  1. As an artist myself, you have my full sympathy, that’s horrible 😦 . I think all artists are guiltily of not backing up our work once in a while. And it does eventually come to bite us in the arse. Once it happens, you never forget to backup your work again. But my heart goes out to man, that’s brutal to loose all that work.

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