Sneak Peek 3

At this point I’m happy with the overall composition and feeling. Pulling the grapes hanging in the top left more into the foreground really topped off the composition and keeps the eye from wandering up there. I’ve began to push the details into the focal point, and use mixer brush to blend in the unwanted details along the border of the painting.  I still have some cleaning up to do and some smaller details to finish up before adding color. I really try to push myself as far as I can before letting myself add color layers, because it will really save me some time in the long run. I hope this is all making a little sense, I’m new to explaining my process, lol. I’ve always really enjoyed when artists let you into their mind a little bit. I really don’t feel like I’m that interesting but, hey, maybe someone will get a little something out of this. Thanks for reading.



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