Learning To Airbrush

Among many others I have been living my life around the idea of becoming an artist and working for a big name studio on games and movies. Not for fame or fortune, but to get the chance to follow my dreams and to get to concentrate on my passion of visual storytelling.

For years I’ve dedicated most of my time to digital painting. Although I’ve been getting more work online, it’s still not enough to live on. I’ve been working in the auto industry to pay the bills and have food on the table. While doing so, and I’ve managed to start an auto repair garage (Dealbilly’s) with a good friend of mine, and to meet a wonderful woman with two beautiful kids that I’m lucky enough to call my family. But I’ve never been able to direct all of my attention to my business because of the fact that it isn’t what I want. And thank God my girlfriend understands my determination and supports the long hours I put into my work. I want to be an artist, I want to make a living doing what I love. It’s been a lot of work juggling these two totally different lifestyles, and I’ve learned a great deal in the process.


About a month ago I bought some airbrush paint and equipment. Now, after a bit of practice, I’ve became a little bit comfortable with this new tool. I’ve read that it’s good to try out traditional mediums (I guess airbrushing is new to the art world since cave paintings but you get my point here) but I’ve never really tried any. I understand now why it is important. My work is now a little more controlled, it seems that having more limitations really makes you think more about what is happening on the canvas. Here is my first attempt of a detailed airbrush painting, we bought this fridge for $40 bucks for the shop, figured it would be fun to paint on.

fridge 2

At least now I can show a little bit of creativity around the garage, and applying real paint rather than doing it digitally is pretty satisfying. I’ll be posting more of my airbrush paintings soon!


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