Orc Eating Eyeballs

Finished this up today. I’m trying to pump up my portfolio to industry standards, the only problem is I don’t know exactly where I want to work. Realistically I’m not too picky on an employer. As long as I get to paint I’ll be a pretty happy dude. So I figured for now I’ll just paint what I enjoy. So here is an orc eating eyeballs…..enjoy!

Orc Eatin Eyeballs


I am still trying to incorporate a more comic-like feel to my work, and steer away from the static poses that I’m used to painting. I’ve always loved Rogue’s design, and figured she would be great in my portfolio. I’ve spent the last few days on this, it’s always hard for me to call a painting finished. This morning I decided to give myself another 15 minutes to polish this up and just go ahead and post it. I hope you all like it, and be sure to let me know what you think!

rogue_by_jonathangragg-db1p9w4 (1)

Fear of Failure

I usually don’t rant or ramble on about my personal life. I don’t think there are too many people interested in a wanna-be babbling about how much he wants to be a professional artist. But I figure as much as I like reading other peoples blogs that maybe there is someone out there that would enjoy reading mine, right?

I have been working for my family at a car dealership for 8 years. As many horrible stories that I can tell you about working at a small used car dealership in a town over run by drugs and poverty, I will refrain from doing so. All that I will say is,  I have many reasons to work as hard as I possibly can to move forward in to the next part of my life.

At first, my artwork was a mental escape from the stress of running a business that was always on the brink of collapse. Painting has always been a huge part of my life, and always will be. Now my artwork has become a realistic, tangible escape from this place. The closer I get to the day I get to leave this job behind and start my career as an illustrator-the more frustrating being here gets.

I am not an amazing artist like the ones I aspire to be. But I do believe my work is worth being seen, and that every painting I finish is better than the last. I have done multiple jobs for book publishers, magazines, and video game designers. All of them were happy with the quality of work and the time frame it was completed in. Words cannot describe how amazing it feels to hear that someone is interested in the work that you care so deeply about, and that they would like to give you their hard earned money to have you create something for them. I know in my heart that this is what I am supposed to do.

I have saved up all of the money I can, and decided to walk away from the car dealership, to work as a full time freelancer. It’s a strange feeling, as though a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, but a feeling of fear as well. Fear of failure. I’ve saved up enough money to live off of for the next 3-4 months while I concentrate on finding more commissions or a full-time job. I know that with enough faith in the Lord and a whole lot of effort, I will succeed in reaching my goals. Hopefully at least one person reads this and gets some type of inspiration, or at least the comfort in knowing that there are others out there working their butts off to follow their dreams. Remember to not let fear hold you back, because failure is just another step closer to success. God bless you and have a wonderful day.